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The ultimate lightweight hiking cook kit.

I have spent quite some time using different cook kits over the years, some have worked and some haven't. The cook kit I use today has been put together over time and has evolved to what I would now call my perfect lightweight cook it.

The cook kit comprises of a main pot which it the Toaks 900ml titanium pot, this is perfect for boiling water for two people, heating ration packs and cooking stews etc. Nestled in the 900ml pot is the Toaks 550ml titanium cup, this is perfect for drinking from and can also boil enough water for one dried hiking meal. Between the two pots I have a small sponge and a piece of camping towel, these are used to wash and dry and also prevent the pots from clanking together. Next in the 550ml cup I put a mini bic lighter which sits perfectally under a small gas canister. On top of the gas I put my titanium folding fork, mini stove and a wire wool scrubber. Both lids then go on and a rubber band is used to hold everything together. A stabiliser for the gas is placed on top and the orange Toaks bag contains everyone inside.

You can check out the items from the cook kit on my recommended page where I will link them to the cheapest Amazon deals.

Click on the image bellow to watch the video of the lightweight cook kit.

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